Introduction process

CRMfolder is tailor-made and tailor-makeable means in accordance with the client’s demands, providing a wide range of modules. To be able to use it efficiently it is of essential importance that the real use of the system should be started by an appropriate introduction process.

The aim of our colleagues in charge of the introduction is to survey the working processes and projects of the Client through some consultations, then – on the basis of the above – to implement a tailor-made system in accordance with the local demands. Our team, consisting of development engineers, company management advisors, trainers and colleagues providing remote assistance would like to excel from organizations selling other means at the market, that they are providing every further knowledge, assistance and experience for the Clients and not only the software itself.

Questions impacting prices

In accordance with the above factors prices can be very different in case of the individual companies/organizations. The factors below have the greatest impact:

    • The type and volume of modules (for various aims, processes and company profile modules of different prices can be chosen)
    • Introduction consultations, number of hours for working process survey (depending on the company size, the number of processes and their complexity)
    • and the number of users (this has a major impact on the extent of remote assistance, education and helpdesk)

Example calculation in case of companies with various size and profile

The three examples below illustrate at what prices market introductions may take place in case of companies with different profile and size:

Trading company dealing with french import goods
What is the client dealing with? Trading company employing 10 persons and dealing with the import of French products. These products are mainly sold for huge chains.
What is the problem to which you are looking for solution? Employees working in the sales are overloaded. They are faced with a huge number of clients and partners and as the company is growing, they can manage the expanding circle of customers and contracts increasingly difficult. They often submit offers in delay or inaccurately, losing potential customers.
What does CRMfolder provide? CRMfolder records all kinds of information in connection with customers, partners and suppliers. Communication with every client can be easily found at all possible channels (e-mail, phone, fax, etc.). It helps managing tasks and deadlines.
What modules are necessary? “CRM basis (proactive sales) module”, “CRM+module, Contract registration module”
How much does the entire introduction cost? 25 500 EUR
Company producing wind sail blades for wind power plants
What is the client dealing with? Company, employing 50 persons, producing wind sail blades for wind power plants of high production costs. Production is mostly automatized, therefore many employees do not take place directly in the production processes, they are dealing with sales, managing orders, HR and working processes connected to other activities.
What is the problem to which you are looking for solution? Individual orders are established on the basis of the special demands of customers. Considering that in course of the production they are working with processes of extremely high costs and expensive raw materials, it is of outstanding importance that precise reconciliations should take place – still before starting the production process – in terms of the client’s requirements. It regularly occurs that the customer doesn’t receive exactly what he wanted. In most cases it is NOT the client whose order was inaccurate, but until this came through from the sales to the production, the information has been distorted in some way.
What does CRMfolder provide? Using the CRMfolder every case, task or project can be followed up (connected either to customers or internal processes) together with documented history including e-mails, any kind of attachments (word, excel, ppt, image, video, etc.), records and reminders, scanned documents, faxes and phone conversations. From the first contact of sales through the production and delivery quite up to the examination of customer’s satisfaction.
What modules are necessary? “CRM+ module, CRM++ (customer’s services) module”, “Working processes management – workflow module”, “Document management module”, “Supplier’s invoice certification and registration module”, “Generalproject management module”, “Contract registration module”, “Manpower basic documents and further HR database management module”, “Feedback and correction processes module”
How much does the entire introduction cost? 39 000 EUR
Media agency
What is the client dealing with? Media agency, employing 70 persons and appr. 50 sub-contractors in different extent up to the type of the project.
What is the problem to which you are looking for solution? The company has a great number of employees, sub-contractors and many individual, small projects, which are connected to different customers. Employees and sub-contractors take place in more projects at the same time and in many cases it is very difficult for them to follow up the tasks, which they have to solve in individual projects. For the management the operation of the company is impenetrable and they are unable to measure the working hours of employees and sub-contractors in connection with individual projects. Without appropriate working hour reports they are not able to effectively divide the resources.
What does CRMfolder provide? The CRMfolder helps to structure projects and tasks with affairs connected to clients. By this assistance the individual processes are more transparent as well as connections between projects. Through reports on tasks performed it shall be possible to define the extent of working time which helps the management taking right decisions.
What modules are necessary? “CRM basis (proactive sales) module”, “CRM+ module”, “CRM++ (customer’s service) module”, “Managing working processes – workflow module”, “General project managing module”, “Working time reports and statements module”, “Joint resources module”, “Telephone fleet managing module”, “Contract registration module”, “Manpower basic documents and further HR database management module”, “Feedback, correction processes module”, “Telephone conversation recording module”, “Handy tone messages module”, “FAX receipt module”
How much does the entire introduction cost? 49 900 EUR