What is this?

CRMfolder is an online client and administration system. By the help of this system you can structure and synthesize the communication channel with the clients, partners and suppliers of your company, every task, case and project that takes place within your company, can be followed up.

Why this?

CRMfolder is an American based software which was continued to develop and adopted to domestic circumstances by a Hungarian team of informatics engineers. The target of developers was that according to the changing requirements and trends the system should be continuously developed by added modules and additional functions so that its main advantage should not be lost: its simple character. The simple frames and variable additional modules of the CRMfolder enable to provide solution on the distinct – sometimes too sophisticated – company requirements and should be able to communicate easily with other informatics systems. The system is safely available through Internet by any kind of PC and browser.

Why is it good for you?

By the help of the CRMfolder every case, task or project can be followed up (both connected with clients or internal company processes) together with their documented history including:

  • e-mails,
  • any kind of attachements (word, excel, ppt, image, video, etc),
  • tasks and reminders,
  • faxes and telephonic conversations.

Registration of all types of information connected to clients, partners and suppliers, complete and easy-to-find client history.