CRMfolder independent modules

CRM basic (proactive sales) modules

Helps to follow up processes launched in connection with future clients and partners.

CRM + module

Follows up the inquiries received through different communication channels

CRM++ (customer’s service) module

Supports the continuous and quick management of client’s contacts as well as the accurate answers of client’s questions

Workflow module

Enables well described (standardizable) working process management in the CRMfolder

Cash collection module

Management of unpaid invoices with low labour expenditures, client’s call for payment, summary of communication with them.

Document management module

Total management of all paper based and electronic documents, availability and archiving

Supplier’s invoice certification and registration module

Approval of suppliers invoices independently from geographical location

General project management module

Management of projects, milestones and tasks

Working hour reports and statements module

Making reports and management information, controlling

Common resources module

Management of booking huge number of common resources (meeting room, projector, joint laptop, joint car)

Phone fleet management module

Management in case of huge number of handy subscribers

Contract registration module

Availability of contracts for sold products or services for certain colleagues

Labour data sheet documents and further HR database module

Registration of labour affair documents, storing specific labour affairs documentations with access of defined persons

Feedback, correction processes module

Support of correction of faulty company processes


CRMfolder additional modules

Call recording module

Recording and connecting with management of affairs of conversations via central telephone line

Mobile phone voice message module

Sending voice message from mobile phone to CRMfolder

SMS management module

SMS sending and receiving infrastructure

FAX receipt module

By the assistance of this it is possible that faxes should arrive directly into the CRMfolder to a group of colleagues defined in advance – e.g. colleagues working in the administration.